What are your business hours?

Ans: Our business hours are : 12 noon to 3:15 pm for lunch and 7 pm to 10:45 pm for dinner. Please note that last order for home delivery is at 10:30pm. Open on all days.

Do you accept sodexo coupons/ meal pass ?

Ans: No.

Do you have Lunch buffets?

Ans: No, but our extensive a la carte menu, moderate pricing and quick service gives our guests more choice, comfort and value for money than most lunch buffets.

Do you charge service charges? Are there any additional charges ?

Ans: No, we do not charge for service. The only additional charge which applies is VAT.

I left a tip on my Credit Card charge slip, later I got two messages, one mentioning the bill amount and another mentioning the total including tips. Am I being charged twice by the bank?

Ans: The second message comes after we process the tip and is only an update of the first message. Please do not be alarmed. You are being charged only once for the whole amount inclusive of the tip.

My Credit Card transaction is reflected twice on my bank statement / Atm mini statement / bank sms, what should I do?

Ans: Please do not worry. This happens due to your bank’s back end server error which usually happens during high traffic peak hours, when a card transaction shows a try again or declined message the first time the card is swiped and a second swipe is needed to complete the transaction. The ‘extra’ transaction is usually reverted back to your account by your bank itself within 48 to 72 hours. Please contact your bank to inform them in case you face such a problem. Please do inform us as well, so that in case, in our daily settlement report if we do see an ‘extra’ transaction we can meet your problem half way and inform our bank immediately. So far, we have never received any transaction twice in our account; therefore it is best if you checked with your bank first in case of such an event.